More than a framework.

Embark is a platform that enables easy development and deployment of decentralized applications.

Smart Contract Management

Build, test, and deploy your Smart Contracts without the hassle. Embark takes care of the ground work, watches for changes, and redeploys your application when needed.

Easy to use Debugger and Testing

Testing shouldn't be an afterthought. Embark makes debugging and testing first-class citizens of your development workflow.

End to End DApp Development

Go beyond Smart Contracts if you want to. Embark offers great integrations with decentralised services such as IPFS and Whisper.

Powerful CLI

Embark's command line interface comes with a rich dashboard so you are in control.

  • Service Monitoring
  • Interactive REPL
  • Real-time Deployment
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Modular by Design

Pick and choose which features, plugins and tools you want to integrate with. Embark is built with modularity in mind.

  • Smart Contract only or full-fledged DApps
  • Integrate with existing tools
  • Extend it to your needs

Mission control with Cockpit.

A web interface for building, debugging and deploying decentralised applications.

Web UI Dashboard

Gives an overview of all processes controlled by Embark. It also comes with an interactive console and predictive commands.

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Cockpit's explorer lets you easily review any transactions, Smart Contracts, and accounts.

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With Cockpit you can iteratively and selectively deploy your Smart Contracts, removing headaches associated with complex applications.

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Code Editor

Edit your source files from right within Cockpit for quick and easy updates.

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Companies who use and love Embark.

  • Flexdapps
  • Giveth
  • status

For developers, by developers

Embark is a fully open source effort. Get involved and be part of the journey.

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