How to contribute

There are a number of ways to contribute and get involved, from submitting a pull request to growing the community.

Checkout the GitHub Repos

Look for issues with specifics tags you may be interested in.

It's not just code

We believe that contributions go far beyond working on our code base. Help out with writing docs, creating a tutorial, or simply talk to us on our channels.

Help improve the docs

You don't have to code to contribute, we're happy about any improvements to our documentation.

Create a tutorial

Record a video of a simple tutorial and share it with the community.

Help answer questions

Help out newcomers with questions in our Gitter channel or Stack Overflow.

Create a plugin

Embark integrates well with other tools. Build a plugin to get support for your tool of choice.

Report a bug

If you find a bug, let us know and we'll work on fixing it.

Work on new features

Collaborate with peers on new features you want to see in Embark.

Meet the team.

Picture of Iuri Matias

Iuri Matias

Creator and Team Lead

Picture of Jonathan Rainville

Jonathan Rainville

Software Engineer

Picture of Eric Mastro

Eric Mastro

Software Engineer

Picture of Andre Medeiros

Andre Medeiros

Software Engineer

Picture of Anthony Laibe

Anthony Laibe

Software Engineer

Picture of Michael Bradley

Michael Bradley

Software Engineer

Picture of Richard Ramos

Richard Ramos

Software Engineer

Picture of Pascal Precht

Pascal Precht

Software Engineer