Last updated: January 19th 2020 ( Improve this guide )

Deploying Apps

To build truly decentralized applications, we probably want to upload and host our application’s assets on a decentralized storage network as well. In this guide we’ll explore how to upload data to IPFS and Swarm using Embark.

Deploying using the upload command

To upload our application to IPFS or Swarm, we first need to ensure we have correctly set up our storage configuration.

Once that is done we can use Embark’s upload command to take the assets located in the configured buildDir (read here for more information) and upload it to the configured storage network.

$ embark upload

Similar to other available services that Embark supports, we can upload our data to different environments. The follow command uploads data using the livenet environment configuration:

$ embark upload livenet

Associating an ENS domain

We can associate our uploaded data to an ENS domain by using the --ens option. This will take the storage hash and upload it to an ENS domain.

For example, the following command will upload our application to IPFS or Swarm and connect it with the embark.eth domain:

$ embark upload --ens=embark.etk


You need to be the owner of the given domain for this to work. Head over to for more information.