The Embark Project is proud to be working with Gitcoin and the Ethereum Community Fund to grow the Ethereum ecosystem. This January we are sponsoring a #Takebacktheweb Hackathon with bounties and quests for people of all technical levels to get involved.

#Takebacktheweb is a movement based on the idea that some basic web services should be open platforms that can’t be censored. We’re looking to jumpstart projects that will democratize all major web platforms and services. For this hackathon we’ve outlined some bounties that we think drive this point, but if you have something you would like to build we are open to creating a bounty for it!

What’s a Bounty?

Bounties are a way for developers to get an immediate reward for their efforts in the form of compensation or awards. From feature requests to building MVP’s this can be a great way to get more eyes on your open source project.

We will be focusing on bounties for completing our developer survey and submitting product ideas that help take back the web. We want to create products that users already have today, but which leverage decentralized technology. Using the embark framework, devs have access to everything they would need to create privacy first applications. Through our survey we hope to understand what other roadblocks developers may be experiencing.

What’s a Quest?

Quests are educational games geared towards rewarding people for going through demo’s of products, tutorials, documentation, blog posts, or new initiatives. We’ll be using this as a way to show off the new parts of the Status Network. Getting people to take a look around all we’ve built should help some to see what a great resource the network is!

How can I participate?

If you’re not already a member, join Gitcoin and mark January 9th on your calendar for the launch of the hackathon. Go on some quests, tackle a few bounties and share it with your friends.

You’ll also need a web3 enabled browser to collect your ‘Kudos” for participation in the quest. The experience is fun and worth checking out!

We’re always here to help with ideas and projects building with Embark tools. Make sure to connect with us here.